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Languages: Swedish, Thai, English
Based in: Göteborg, Sweden

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I'm Moa Kihlström

Just a student at Yrgo, diving into the exciting realm of Architecture Visualization. I'm all about blending my love for design with a touch of tech to craft some seriously cool visual experiences. This is my creative journey!


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About Me

Turning imagination into lively designs

Hi, I'm the one in the picture. My name is Moa, but my family calls me Beaver, because when I was little I lost two teeth making me look like a beaver.

With a background in the restaurant industry, my journey into 3D modeling and architectural visualization was not a natural evolution. But I got into interior design when I moved into my first apartment a couple of years ago. I sat for weeks on end thinking, planning and changing the layout I wanted using the floorplan. So it just felt right to start architecture visualization.

My nickname, 'Beaver' combined with my Thai name 'Miu,' inspired the unique brand name 'Miube,' reflecting my blend of creativity and precision. Through Miube, I channel my love for design, meticulously crafting spaces that blend imagination with functionality. With each project, I strive to turn dreams into tangible realities. Miube isn't just about creating spaces; it's about bringing visions to life.

Name Moa Kihlström
Location Göteborg, Sweden



2023 - 2025
Architecture visualization

Yrgo, Göteborg


2018 - 2021
Restaurant and food

Sturegymnasiet, Halmstad


My favourite tools

3ds Max
Chaos V-Ray
Chaos Corona
Forest Pack